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Shuswap Construction Industry Professionals working together to create opportunity and future possibilities for the Construction Industry to ensure maximum use of local businesses and individuals on construction projects in Salmon Arm and the Shuswap.

Building a Home

Some key questions people face when building a new home are:

  • Who are the home builders in the area?
  • What are the warranty and liability issues I have if I choose to build my own home versus hiring a builder?
  • If I choose to General Contract my own home, who are the trades in this area?

SCIP can help

  • SCIP can give you a list of local new home builders.
  • SCIP can help you understand the building process and help you identify the services you need.
  • SCIP can give you a list of local trades in this area.
  • SCIP can point you to resources which explain warranty and liability issues when building a new home in B.C.
  • TheĀ Homeowner Protection Act governs the construction of residential property in B.C. Builders must go through a rigourous application process to qualify for warranty coverage and then register as a Licensed Home Builder.

Developing Land

SCIP is committed to helping local and out of town developers reach the trades and services they need to develop land efficiently and effectively. SCIP has a number of services in place to help you do just that.

SCIP can help

  • SCIP can give you a list of local new home builders.
  • SCIP has a Plan Room available for your use whether you are completing initial cost projections or putting your project up for tender. Contact the SCIP office to have your plans registered and promoted to the membership.
  • You may require temporary or casual workers to help you with your construction project. SCIP has a Labour Pool of local qualified workers interested in gaining employment in the construction industry. Contact the SCIP office to receive resumes of local workers.
  • You may not be familiar with the local, municipal, district and regional government when dealing in the Shuswap. SCIP has an ongoing relationship with most of the government bodies in the Shuswap and will be glad to facilitate an introduction for you.
  • SCIP welcomes your investment in the Shuswap and would like to facilitate the process and encourage you to solicit local quotes and purchases so that your investment truly does benefit all concerned.

Moving or Expanding

The Shuswap welcomes and appreciates your investment in our community. SCIP encourages you to check out the services our local construction industry can provide to you as you establish your new business here.

Remember, your best customers will be the businesses you use to build your building or renovate your premises. Building locally creates goodwill and support for your new or expanding business which will last for years to come.

SCIP can help

  • SCIP points you to resources such as the Economic Development Society who can assist you in negotiating the development process, find land or property, deal with the Municipal and Regional governments making your move to the community a successful one.
  • SCIP can facilitate an introduction to General Contractors in the Shuswap.
  • SCIP will place your blueprints in the Plan Room to assist you on preliminary cost projections.

Out of Town Contractors

SCIP understands the challenges General Contractors face in completing projects in other communities. Paying living out allowances to contractors is costly as many tradespeople prefer to work in their own communities. Businesses often insist on you using local contractors to build goodwill in the community they serve. However, sourcing local trades and suppliers can take days, if not weeks of your precious time.

SCIP can help

  • Our SCIP Directory will let you know who the local businesses are and how to contact them. No more leafing through the Yellow Pages.
  • SCIP has a Plan Room available to General Contractors to solicit prices from local trades on projects happening in the Shuswap. Simply send a copy of your blueprints, spec book, description of the project and list of the subtrades you are seeking as well as contact information for questions and quote submissions. SCIP is not a bid depository. We create opportunities for local businesses to have access to your plans and they bid directly to you.
  • If you are conducting preliminary pricing for a developer, we can assist you in introducing local businesses and making your plans available to them in the Plan Room.
  • SCIP’s Labour Pool is an invaluable source of labour contacts, should you find yourself needing an extra worker on the job site. Call the SCIP office to get names and resumes of local workers seeking employment.
  • SCIP will be glad to facilitate introduction to local trades and suppliers who can help you complete your project in the Shuswap.

SCIP Disclaimer

Protect Yourself. Always use due diligence and check references.
SCIP does not and will not assume any responsibility for work performed by member businesses.