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Who is SCIP?

Shuswap Construction Industry Professionals is a not-for-profit membership driven association that represents construction-related businesses in the Shuswap. We currently have approximately 250 member businesses that we represent. We publish 1500 construction directories each year that are distributed across the Shuswap, marketing our members services, products and businesses.

Member Businesses

Yearly Directories



Volunteer Board of Directors:


    • Calvin Berger – Director
  • Teri Meikle – SCIP Coordinator
    Shuswap Construction Industry Professionals

Through networking with local contractors and by attracting local clients, SCIP has been very beneficial in helping me get my business off the ground!

Josh Bickle, Integrity Roofing Corp.

NUFLOORS has been a member since inception. S.C.I.P. has provided exceptional help in arranging for drawings and specifications regarding the flooring industry. In turn they have saved us dollars in travel out of town for the information. Not all business! Great social functions.

Joe Cannell, Nufloors

It is nice to have a voice with the Construction industry and one that is recognized by the City Hall staff and council that places organized growth for the betterment of the Shuswap. A recent study spent countless hours of dedicated time and effort to review current residential land that is suitable for expansion in the City of Salmon Arm. SCIP has a voice for local contractors.

With appreciation, Jack Bowers

Without you and your support we would not be able to make this happen for those in need in our community. You have created a piece of social history by providing the SAFE Society’s new shelter as part of the 2008 Residential Construction Project. Your kindness has not gone unnoticed by the hundreds of community members but most importantly the community members who are in unfortunate situations that utilize our emergency services. You are an important piece of the puzzle that a dream, with your help became a reality. We thank you for that.

Jane Shirley, Ex. Director, SAFE Society

Thank you SCIP for your scholarship support. I am currently a student in the welding C level course at Okanagan College. I plan to use this scholarship to continue on with my education and obtain my welding B level ticket. Also, I am planning to obtain certification in related courses including Industrial First Aid. My plans are to enroll next year, after I complete the practical hours needed to be a certified level C welder. This scholarship will go a long way in helping me to achieve my goals.

Sincerely, Nicholas Crandell

The Shuswap Construction Industry Professionals has enhanced and promoted my business services throughout the Shuswap through their various marketing and networking programs. Be it from their informative website, 300 plus member directory, to their yearly AGM, Golf Tournament and seminars. SCIP promotes and provides the local business’s a means of getting the word out to the construction industry and public consumer to use local construction trades.

Dave Brice, Pacific West Home Inspections

I have been a member of SCIP since its inception in 1999. I have seen the continued growth of the organization and see the positive impact it has on the Construction Industry. I often depend on the office to save me time on finding contact information for various trades to be approached for projects I am involved with. It’s better than the yellow pages.

Ian McDiarmid, Ian McDiarmid Construction

Pederson Drafting & Design Ltd. has been a member of SCIP (Shuwsap Construction Industry Professionals) scince it was formed in the year 2000. I have found it to be one of the leading areas of member and new client referrals leading to almost continuos work load over the last 11 years. I recommend to any business in the construction field to join not only for the member referring members, but also for being part of a origination that is well respected in our communities. I have had numerous client comment on how professional and helpful all the SCIP members have been to them over the length of their project and would definitely use SCIP members again.

Ron Pederson, Pederson Drafting & Design Ltd.

SCIP serves our community and businesses in many aspects. Providing a directory for easy access to trades, a plan room for viewing blueprints, regular and well informed emails of upcoming projects and building permits issued, friendly and helpful staff, are some of the many amenities offered that benefit us as a business.

Jim Croken, Okanagan Geothermal Ltd.

I participated in the Residential House Construction Program in 2009. I think it’s great that SClP supports opportunities for students to jump-start a career in the trades. Since graduation I have been apprenticing as a carpenter. Construction has been slow at times and it has taken awhile to accumulate work-based training hours. I plan to continue my technical training at Okanagan College this winter and am very appreciative of the scholarship support from Shuswap Construction Industry Professionals!

Sincerely, Nick Coers

Thank you to the Shuswap Construction Industry Professionals for playing such a significant part in supporting trades education in the Shuswap. Your partnership with School District #83 and Okanagan College has provided huge opportunity to many students. By being accepted in the 2007 Residential Construction Program I was able to gain confidence and experience in the complete construction of a family home and receive the theory as well as 420 hours towards my level one carpentry apprenticeship. I am currently just a few hours away from completing my journeyman ticket thanks to SCIP and this program.

Coltin Fieber, Salmon Arm

Donna, thanks for the call informing me of the Shuswap Construction Industry Professionals. After you notified your members of the 72 unit care facility that we are constructing in Salmon Arm we experienced a great influx of queries from several of them. This indicates to us that the networking within SCIP works very well. We are also very thankful to have a plan room available to issue the blueprints and give the local contractors equal opportunity to bid on the project.

Doug Kasper, Kasper Development Corp.

SCIP has become a landmark in our community. People that have lived here for years as well as anyone moving into the Shuswap feels a sense of security knowing that we have an office that can get answers to construction related questions as well as recommend qualified trades people. I’m proud to be a member of such a recognized association.

Kevin Smith, Prime Electric Ltd.

We thoroughly enjoy our membership with SCIP. The weekly building permit reports and the proposal for bid notices are a valuable asset to any business, not to mention the great ability for different trades to network together. SCIP also has fun functions to get involved with each year such as their golf tournament and the Children’s Christmas party. SCIP is a valuable asset to this community and I would recommend membership to any local construction business.

Brian Laight, Hardrock Granite

Shuswap Construction Industry Professionals gives an organized voice to the construction and development community within the Shuswap area. The organization is well respected and often asked for input on initiatives and issues that impact the community as they relate to the construction profession.

J. C. (Joe) Johnson, Browne Johnson Land Surveyors


Building a Home

Some key questions people face when building a new home are:

  • Who are the home builders in the area?
  • What are the warranty and liability issues I have if I choose to build my own home versus hiring a builder?
  • If I choose to General Contract my own home, who are the trades in this area?


SCIP can help

  • SCIP can give you a list of local new home builders.
  • SCIP can help you understand the building process and help you identify the services you need.
  • SCIP can give you a list of local trades in this area.
  • SCIP can point you to resources which explain warranty and liability issues when building a new home in B.C.
  • The Homeowner Protection Act governs the construction of residential property in B.C. Builders must go through a rigorous application process to qualify for warranty coverage and then register as a Licensed Home Builder.
Moving or Expanding

The Shuswap welcomes and appreciates your investment in our community. SCIP encourages you to check out the services our local construction industry can provide to you as you establish your new business here.

Remember, your best customers will be the businesses you use to build your building or renovate your premises. Building locally creates goodwill and support for your new or expanding business which will last for years to come.

SCIP can help

  • SCIP points you to resources such as the Economic Development Society who can assist you in negotiating the development process, find land or property, deal with the Municipal and Regional governments making your move to the community a successful one.
  • SCIP can facilitate an introduction to General Contractors in the Shuswap.
  • SCIP will place your blueprints in the Plan Room to assist you on preliminary cost projections.
Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of SCIP, setting the policy for the organization.

This is done by:

  • Creating or updating the mission and vision statements
  • Determining the organization’s programs and services
  • Approving the strategic plan
  • Monitoring the organization’s operations
  • Hiring and periodically evaluating the organization’s Coordinator
  • Approving the annual budget, annual report, etc
  • Approving major contracts
  • Documenting policies and decisions
  • Preparing for and attending board meetings
  • Researching and discussing issues before decisions are made
  • Replacing and orienting board members when a vacancy arises
  • Troubleshooting as necessary
  • Serving as a public figure for the organization
  • Advocating for the organization
  • Legal obligations
  • Take reasonable care when making decisions for the organization
  • Act in the best interest of the organization
  • Act in accordance with the organization’s mission

The board of directors should not:


  • Concern itself with the day-to-day management of the organization
  • Rubber stamp decisions. While the board should take the recommendations of the organization’s members into consideration, the board needs to be an independent decision-making body.
Developing Land

SCIP is committed to helping local and out of town developers reach the trades and services they need to develop land efficiently and effectively. SCIP has a number of services in place to help you do just that.


SCIP can help

  • SCIP can give you a list of local new home builders.
  • SCIP has a Plan Room available for your use whether you are completing initial cost projections or putting your project up for tender. Contact the SCIP office to have your plans registered and promoted to the membership.
  • You may require temporary or casual workers to help you with your construction project. SCIP has a Labour Pool of local qualified workers interested in gaining employment in the construction industry. Contact the SCIP office to receive resumes of local workers.
  • You may not be familiar with the local, municipal, district and regional government when dealing in the Shuswap. SCIP has an ongoing relationship with most of the government bodies in the Shuswap and will be glad to facilitate an introduction for you.
  • SCIP welcomes your investment in the Shuswap and would like to facilitate the process and encourage you to solicit local quotes and purchases so that your investment truly does benefit all concerned.
Out of Town Contractors

SCIP understands the challenges General Contractors face in completing projects in other communities. Paying living out allowances to contractors is costly as many tradespeople prefer to work in their own communities. Businesses often insist on you using local contractors to build goodwill in the community they serve. However, sourcing local trades and suppliers can take days, if not weeks of your precious time.

SCIP can help

  • Our SCIP Directory will let you know who the local businesses are and how to contact them. No more leafing through the Yellow Pages.
  • SCIP has a Plan Room available to General Contractors to solicit prices from local trades on projects happening in the Shuswap. Simply send a copy of your blueprints, spec book, description of the project and list of the subtrades you are seeking as well as contact information for questions and quote submissions. SCIP is not a bid depository. We create opportunities for local businesses to have access to your plans and they bid directly to you.
  • If you are conducting preliminary pricing for a developer, we can assist you in introducing local businesses and making your plans available to them in the Plan Room.
  • SCIP’s Labour Pool is an invaluable source of labour contacts, should you find yourself needing an extra worker on the job site. Call the SCIP office to get names and resumes of local workers seeking employment.
  • SCIP will be glad to facilitate introduction to local trades and suppliers who can help you complete your project in the Shuswap.
SCIP Disclaimer

Protect Yourself. Always use due diligence and check references.
SCIP does not and will not assume any responsibility for work performed by member businesses.